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Global Health's Key Platform for Providers


Global Health is an Australian, publicly listed company, that designs and maintains a variety of software and SaaS solutions for the Australian healthcare market.

The company actively invests in developing and marketing a range of products designed to improve clinical decision making, improve consumer engagement, connect the industry, and empower health consumers.

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MasterCare is one of Global Health’s key brands for health providers, where our products are used in the day-to-day management of patient records, clinical assessments, practice management and data reporting.

The following video serves as an introduction to MasterCare EMR, a complete client management and electronic medical record system used at the point of care whilst our clients deliver their range of services to their patients.

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MasterCare leverages a team-based hierarchy that allows patient data to be stored within the software and accessed across multiple different service teams based on their customisable roles and permissions.

This functionality allows for patient information to flow between different service settings within a single organisation, overcoming a common issue facing modern-day health providers.

Additionally, MasterCare comes with a range of modules and reporting features that make us the go-to solution for community health within Victoria and Australia.

Government Reporting Features

One thing MasterCare does uniquely is support Australia’s largest range of State and Federal reporting requirements, more than any other EMR in the Australian market.

Within the industry, community health organisations typically have to report to over a dozen different funding programs, each of which has its own unique reporting requirements.

MasterCare EMR’s ability to support these programs gives our clients the advantage of being able to unlock funding from a wider range of Government programs, allowing them to grow their business and expand their service offerings.

The vast range of programs supported by the MasterCare platform cover:

  • NDIS, HACC, CH, CHSP, PIR, NOCC, VINAH, PMHC, FMHiCHP, CH, Crisis and Triage, AOD, VADC, AOD ACT, AOD NSW and more.

Clinical and Practice Management Features

At its core, MasterCare’s Electronic Medical Record module is stacked full of features that our clients use at the clinical level.

Popular Features include:

  • Electronic Referral and Fax Management
  • Medications and ePrescribing
  • Allergies, Alerts and Client Care Plans
  • Assessments, Observations and Measurements
  • Problems and Diagnosis
  • Orders and eResults

MasterCare’s Practice Management Module also comes packed with standard features that assist our clients in the running of their health facilities every day.

Standard Features include:

  • Rostering and Resource Booking
  • Individual and Group Appointment Booking
  • Wait Room Management
  • Online Billing and Claiming
  • Debtor Management
  • SMS and Email Reminders

Mental Health Features

MasterCare specialises in supporting the delivery of mental health services. Currently used by more than half of all headspace centres across Australia, MasterCare’s range of outcome measures and assessment tools provide exclusive features that assist in the improved delivery of mental health services every day.

Assessment Wizards

The Assessment Wizards feature within the platform allows clinicians to build out grammatically formulated clinical notes by using click and collect functionality.

Clinicians can select from a range of pre-determined criteria relating to the client’s initial presentation, suicide risk, drug and alcohol, mental state, work/school, background, developmental history and more; with the results being formulated into a single clinical note.

Outcome Measures

Additionally, MasterCare’s outcome measures functionality allows for clinicians to track the progress of patients over time, using a range of standardised questionnaires that provide general scales and scores based on their responses.

Our range of measures includes popular methods such as K-5 and K-10 scores, HoNOS, AUDIT, DUDIT, Quality of Life, Zung Depression Scales and more.

Scores can also be graphed within the software to track patient progress over time.

Learn more about MasterCare EMR today: www.mastercare.net.au/emr

About the corporation

Global Health is an Australian public-listed company (ASX: GLH) with a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare software applications directed at “Connecting Clinicians and Consumers”.

Our digital health technology solutions are strongly focussed on patient engagement and connectivity across the sector.

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