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Global Health appoints Health Metrics founder Steven Strange to the board

Global Health has featured on Proactive after appointing Steven Strange, founder of aged care sector software provider Health Metrics (HM), as a non-executive director. Mr Strange brings 30 years of leadership experience in the health industry to the board of directors. Read the article here!

07 July, 2022
Global Health Secures Two Significant Contracts

Global Health is pleased to announce that it has secured two significant contracts for Homeless Healthcare (WA) and Peninsula Health (VIC) for the implementation of a range of MasterCare solutions which include, MasterCare Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and cloud hosting. Read the full...

15 June, 2022
Global Health featured on Proactive after announcing three new contracts

Global Health has featured on Proactive after announcing three new contract wins. The article, written by Senior Journalist Jonathan Jackson, covers our recent client wins at Arcadia Pittwater, Matilda Nepean Private and Waikiki hospitals. We are excited to support these progressive hospital...

01 June, 2022
Global Health Secures Three Key Contracts with Private Hospitals in NSW and WA

Global Health is pleased to announce that it has secured three key contracts with Arcadia Healthcare, Matilda Nepean Private Hospital and Waikiki Private Hospital for the implementation of a range of solutions including MasterCare Patient Administration System (PAS), In-patient Electronic...

01 June, 2022
Global Health Limited supports Waratah in delivering Specialised Services across the Bunbury Community

Australian Healthcare Software Provider Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce its partnership with Waratah, supporting the company to deliver their specialised services across the Bunbury Community. Read the press release!

05 May, 2022
Michael Davies Appears on Proactive Investors

Michael Davies, CEO of Global Health caught up with Ky Chow from Proactive Investors to discuss the company's latest 4C Quarterly results. Michael discusses the growth in our sales pipeline, the steps we are taking to re-platform and revolutionise our R&D, our successful implementation of...

29 April, 2022
Global Health CEO Michael Davies joins Talking HealthTech to discuss adjusting care pathways for future trends

In the latest episode of Talking HealthTech, Global Health CEO Michael Davies joins Peter Birch to discuss adjusting care pathways, challenges and opportunities associated with the changing landscape of modern healthcare delivery. Peter and Michael also discuss the role that technology plays in...

05 April, 2022
MasterCare’s Fast Adaptation Reduces Risk for Health Providers

Global Health is pleased to announce that MasterCare is ahead of the curve in adapting to Webservices Australia newly introduced system for Medicare Claiming called PRODA (Provider Digital Access).

22 March, 2022
MasterCare launches Connect app

Earlier this month, MasterCare announced the launch of its newConnect App, a mobile application designed to support nurses and clinicians currently using MasterCare EMR.

04 March, 2022
Michael Davies provides an update for investors prior to the end of year holidays.

Listen to CEO Michael Davies as he provides an update six months into his new role. Learn how Michael is leading the team, leveraging sales and marketing capabilities, investing in research and development, and positioning our product portfolio for growth. The update includes information on...

23 December, 2021
Ballarat Community Health Successfully Delivered a New System to Improve Patient Outcomes During a Global Pandemic

Ballarat Community Health(BCH) has implemented a technology solution that minimises manual tasks and reduces the use of paper forms, helping to ensure the organisation’s energies are spent where they are needed most – providing exceptional care for their clients and the community. The...

20 December, 2021
Global Health brings health management online with new software solutions

Global Health’s CEO Michael Davies talks to Proactive Investors about the company’s main mission; to deliver healthcare software for clinicians, community health organisations and administrators at the more complex end of the market. Watch the video.

14 December, 2021
Watch a review of Global Health Limited on Reachmarkets The Insider, Favourite Stocks

Luke Winchester from Merewether Capital reviews how Global Health grew its revenue by 25% despite COVID-19 limitations in FY21 and how it’s best-in-class product is set to disrupt the market. Watch the full video.

21 October, 2021
Investor Presentation - Michael Davies provides an update for investors

Listen to Michael Davies as he provides an updated investor presentation, 90 days into his tenure as Global Health's new CEO. Watch the video.

12 October, 2021
Global Health Limited Releases Final Preliminary Report for Financial Year Ending June 30, 2021.

Global Health Limited (ASX:GLH) is pleased to announce its results for the financial year ended 30 June 2021. Key Highlights:

31 August, 2021
Michael Davies appointed as new CEO

Michael Davies appointed as new CEO to turbocharge growth as healthcare sector rapidly moves towards digitisation Global Health Limited (ASX: GLH) (“Global Health” or “Company”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Michael Davies as Chief Executive Officer, to lead the Company through...

31 May, 2021
How Lifecard fits into the Global Health eco-system

No two patients are the same, so they shouldn’t be treated as such. Being able to support a patient through a digital journey encourages them to take control of their health and allows for improved health outcomes and progress. Lifecard is a personal health record dedicated to empowering...

18 May, 2021
Case Study - MasterCare for Australian Community Health

Supporting Australian Community Health MasterCare solutions are designed to support the delivery of health services at the community level. Ensuring our clients have access to the best information systems that can improve clinical decision making at the point of care and...

11 May, 2021
HotHealth’s new features taking a step towards connected healthcare

HotHealth has introduced a range of new features in its latest release. This new update includes the addition of HL7 and the option for patients to link Lifecard to HotHealth to prefill key data points. The addition of these new features is the next step towards Global...

05 May, 2021
Asthma Australia Article: How Digital Technologies can help your patients between visits

Digital transformation of the healthcare industry is set to inform and empower health practitioners, offering data-driven insights and personalised record-keeping for patients. The dramatic rise of telehealth, wearables, and technology uptake prompted by COVID-19 is...

05 May, 2021
About the corporation

Global Health is an Australian public-listed company (ASX: GLH) with a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare software applications directed at “Connecting Clinicians and Consumers”.

Our digital health technology solutions are strongly focussed on patient engagement and connectivity across the sector.

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