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Deloitte sees a future with more partnerships between health and consumer tech

          Medical technology companies that have traditionally focused on developing hardware such as surgical and diagnostic equipment, infusion pumps and other medical devices are shifting their focus toward software, data collection and advanced analytics, according to the new...

25 September, 2019
Global Health Platinum Sponsor at the SA Primary Health Care Conference

The Global Health team were delighted to attend as Platinum Sponsors at the SA Primary Healthcare Conference hosted by Adelaide PHN and SA PHN.   The conference, held over two days, saw the collaboration of over 400 attendees including speakers, exhibitors, delegates and service providers, with...

23 August, 2019
Adelaide PHN encourages the adoption of ReferralNet

          Adelaide PHN continues to encourage the adoption of ReferralNet for secure messaging across the primary health care space in metropolitan Adelaide.   Secure messaging provides many benefits, such as improved patient care, and operational efficiency by eliminating the time...

23 August, 2019
ReferralNet Add Value to New Innovative Service

          Global Health’s ReferralNet provides the secure messaging component to a new and innovative transcription service, VoiceBox. As part of a new service for GPs and Specialists, VoiceBox transcribes letters and referrals and eliminates the need for writing.   As an...

01 June, 2019
HotHealth providing innovative digital healthcare solutions

            Global Health’s online engagement platform, HotHealth provides market-leading digital solutions for better patient outcomes and experiences.   What is virtual care? Virtual care includes any way a healthcare provider interacts with their clients and patients, without...

08 May, 2019
Strong Growth in Software Subscription Revenue and Mental Health Platform

Strong Growth in Software Subscription Revenue and Mental Health Platform   Please read media release here: 2019-02-Strong-Growth-Software-Subscriptions-Mental-Health

05 March, 2019
Looking for a Christmas wallpaper?

Download your Christmas desktop or phone background These Christmas wallpapers are sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Choose your favourite from the below and download it so you can use it as your background (our favourite is summer Santa!). Summer Santa Summer Santa: Download desktop...

04 December, 2018
MasterCare’s Mental Health user base expands rapidly

          Global Health’s MasterCare EMR is now being used in over 100 organisations across Australia, with the recent implementation in the Justice Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Divisions of ACT Health as well as the Mental Health Services of Mercy Health in Victoria...

31 May, 2018
FY17 Half Yearly Accounts and Appendix 4D

You can access the PDF here: 2018-02-Accounts with appendix 4D

05 March, 2018
FY17 Half Year Summary

You can read the Half Year Summary here: 2018-02-Half Year Summary

05 March, 2018
Interview with Health Professionals Radio

          Connectivity and consumer engagement in healthcare   Global Health’s CEO, Mathew Cherian, spoke to Health Professionals Radio on the current developments in healthcare technology. The key theme of the interview was how connectivity and consumer engagement products enable...

02 October, 2017
Global Health leverages digital health standards

          The rise in digital health and the increased use of digital health software means that the standards for interoperability are ever-changing. Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is one of the latest healthcare standards being developed and Global Health has...

22 June, 2017
ReferralNet Secure Messaging delivers to Argus network

Health practitioners are now able to send messages from Global Health’s ReferralNet Secure Messaging network to Telstra Health’s Argus network.   Global Health is pleased to announce the groundbreaking completion of an inter-operability pilot, whereby healthcare practitioners on Global Health’s ...

06 October, 2016
Attention GPs - See you at the RACGP Conference!

          The PrimaryCinic team from Global Health will be exhibiting at the RACGP Conference for General Practice at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre from 29 Sept to 1 Oct.   Clinical, Digital, Leadership is the overarching theme of the conference, with participants...

27 September, 2016
See you at the 2016 APS Congress!

Global Health is a proud sponsor of the 2016 APS Congress   Global Health is pleased to announce that they will be proudly sponsoring and exhibiting at the 2016 APS Annual Conference. This year, the conference will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 September...

09 September, 2016
Attention Day Hospitals - come visit us at the ADHA 2016 Conference!

          Global Health will be a proud sponsor at the ADHA 2016 Conference   Global Health will be a proud sponsor at the Australian Day Hospital Association 2016 Conference coming up next weekend. For anyone attending, it will be a great chance to get to meet our team and find out...

16 August, 2016
Country SA PHN signs up for MasterCare

          Global Health is pleased to announce that they signed a significant contract with Country South Australia Primary Care.   The contract with Country SA PHN follows on from the contract with the Adelaide PHN (metropolitan) for the MasterCare Chronic Disease portfolio of...

01 August, 2016
ShareIdea interview with Global Health CEO Mathew Cherian

          CEO Mathew Cherian chats with Shareidea on his background in software development and provides insight into the future of the healthcare software industry in Australia.   It’s busy times ahead for Global Health with exciting new prospects on the horizon. A strategic,...

05 April, 2016
FY16 Half Year Accounts and 4D

View the FY16 Half Year Accounts and 4D.

28 February, 2016
South West Healthcare Christmas Auction raises money for therapy dogs

          South West Healthcare’s annual Christmas Online Auction aims to raise money to improve patient care. For the second year in a row, Global Health donated to the online auction to help raise funds to continue another year’s visit by the Delta Therapy Dogs for their Extended...

15 January, 2016
About the corporation

Global Health is an Australian public-listed company (ASX: GLH) with a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare software applications directed at “Connecting Clinicians and Consumers”.

Our digital health technology solutions are strongly focussed on patient engagement and connectivity across the sector.

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