07 May Stockhead Article: Here’s why the COVID-induced telehealth boom is only just beginning

Telehealth adoption in Australia and around the globe exploded last year due to COVID-19. Specifically, many patients requiring health services were left no other choice other than to utilise telehealth services. As well as this, telehealth services were subsidised through Medicare.


Stockhead spoke with Mathew Cherian, the boss of Global Health (ASX:GLH).

His company offers various telehealth solutions including Lifecard – an online facility allowing patients to provide relevant health information directly to their health provider.

“COVID just accelerated what needed to happen, which is a move from your traditional applications to cloud-based connected healthcare which is what we have been all about,” Cherian said.

Read the Stockhead article here.

About the corporation

Global Health is an Australian public-listed company (ASX: GLH) with a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare software applications directed at “Connecting Clinicians and Consumers”.

Our digital health technology solutions are strongly focussed on patient engagement and connectivity across the sector.

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