07 Apr Global Health Board of Directors join together to discuss what it means to be a "connected clinician" in the aftermath of COVID-19

COVID-19 impacted healthcare systems worldwide, however, it highlighted the increasing importance of being a connected clinician in the fast-evolving Australian healthcare landscape.


Global Health’s Board of Directors joined together in March to discuss this as the first part of a webinar series dedicated to informing the modern healthcare professional on various topics within the Australian healthcare landscape.

The topics for this session revolved around technology’s role in transforming healthcare and the patient journey, particularly in the post-Covid-19 world.

View the recording of the webinar to hear more on:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on delivering health services
  • The potential changes clinicians can make to minimise the impact of COVID-19
  • The accelerating innovation in patient technology that is disrupting the industry
  • Plus more!

The panel of experts included Global Health Managing Director Mathew Cherian and Board Directors Robert Knowles and Grant Smith, who was accompanied by Alison Higgins-Miller, our host for the session.

You can view a recording here: https://youtu.be/j7hfDTnLKJI

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The second instalment of the session is set to take place later this year, with differing guests, topics and discussions, it is not one to miss out on.

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Global Health is an Australian public-listed company (ASX: GLH) with a comprehensive portfolio of healthcare software applications directed at “Connecting Clinicians and Consumers”.

Our digital health technology solutions are strongly focussed on patient engagement and connectivity across the sector.

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