12 Oct Vikas David on measuring health outcomes clearly at HISA Big Data Conference 2015, Sydney

Global Health is proud to announce Vikas David, Product Manager – Clinical Solutions, will be presenting at the HISA Big Data 2015 Conference in Sydney.


His presentation, “Measuring outcomes clearly: Overcoming challenges of mental health and chronic disease reporting” aligns with the conference focus on the emerging trend for personalised healthcare and the groundswell of consumer-collected health data flowing into the health system, offering both challenges and opportunities for improved – evidence-based – patient care.

The annual event follows from the success of previous years’ where industry leaders explore big data in biomedicine and healthcare. This year’s theme is leveraging capability in healthcare.

Big Data 2015 will introduce clinicians, healthcare executives and managers both clinical and non-clinical, data and information professionals, health informaticians, health policymakers, and academics to the exploding world of “big data”.

Leaders in healthcare working to harness the power of big data will share their experiences over an informative two-day program which for the first time offers delegates the opportunity to attend masterclasses.

Read Vikas David’s presentation overview

Visit the HISA Big Data 2015 Conference website


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